Welcome to the prototype for the aiki atheneum collaborative library. The atheneum publishes deep contextualization from an archive or repository database at scale for large online collaboration.

You are reading a standard article publication feature – and to your right are what we call context cubbies. Context Cubbies contextualize content from a database archive to the theme of each cubby around the topic of the article feature. When a topic is searched in the athenuem, it defaults to the verified summary context cubby and makes available the full suite of context cubbies around the subject article to the right. To discover the unique features of each context cubby, please click on each context cubby to the right to review the basic cubby functionalities for the atheneum library. Each cubby offers unique publishing functions. Additionally, we have a cubby that is the dedicated raw archive and database for each search term, and a cubby for narrative mapping, a feature we offer in partnership with metamaps.cc

Publication into the content cubbies happens through the scriptorium. The scriptorium is accessed only by curators in aiki atheneum by invitation only and allows them to publish in the library.

All aiki atheneum context cubbies publish in the written voice of the scriptorium. The written voice of the scriptorium is the voice of a neutral, independent, and rational consensus. The written voice of the scriptorium has no unique perspective or independent conclusion – it merely publishes to the contextualization of each context cubby according to the ikia of each context cubby and always assigns attribution.