IKIA: Academia 

The Academia context cubby highlights all notable scholarly study around a subject matter, sorted as a curated archive published in-page. This cubby presents relevant academic sources on this topic with contextualized sorting factor. 

The Academia context cubby lists by Journal NameDate PublishedArticle Name, and Customized Relevancy.

Customized relevancy can include

Impact factor: Will list sources in the archive ranked from most to least cited by standard academic ranking.
Featured Sources: contains a summary of featured sources with archive listing for attribution. Featured papers are published by the group of conservators in the scriptorium.
Evidence-Based Journal Sources: If applicable, all evidence based academic publications are listed here with a summary of the abstract.
Most relevant: contains a summary of the most relevant or significant to the topic of study with archive listing for attribution. Relevancy is determined by the group of conservators in the scriptorium.


Currently this cubby is only published as a CMS module and does not include the archive listing feature. Our next iteration will enable a curated formatting of key academic papers along with abstract summary and link to paper.