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Topic: The Singularity

  1. What is the Intelligence explosion?

The intelligence explosion is defined by MIRI as to the point when machine intelligence or artificial intelligence surpasses that of the human brain. MIRI defines the intelligence explosion at the moment when we can design a computer that can design artificial intelligences better than human intelligence.

Once a computer can reprogram it’s own intelligence, MIRI suggests that this could continue in a positive feedback loop such that the machine quickly becomes vastly more intelligent than the smartest human being on Earth: an ‘intelligence explosion’ resulting in a machine superintelligence.

source: Machine Intelligence Research Institute, The Intelligence explosion FAQ

  1. What is whole brain emulation?

Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) or ‘mind uploading’ is a computer emulation of all the cells and connections in a human brain. So even if the underlying principles of general intelligence prove difficult to discover, we might still emulate an entire human brain and make it run at a million times its normal speed (computer circuits communicate much faster than neurons do). Such a WBE could do more thinking in one second than a normal human can in 31 years. So this would not lead immediately to smarter-than-human intelligence, but it would lead to faster-than-human intelligence. A WBE could be backed up (leading to a kind of immortality), and it could be copied so that hundreds or millions of WBEs could work on separate problems in parallel. If WBEs are created, they may therefore be able to solve scientific problems far more rapidly than ordinary humans, accelerating further technological progress.

source: Machine Intelligence Research Institute, The Intelligence explosion FAQ